Voiceover/Narration Beginner guide

Here is some information on getting into voiceovers. First and foremost, you need an awesome demo. If you want to listen to what my demos sound like, go to my voiceover page. http://IzoldaVoice.com

Once you have to great demos, you need to submit your demos to various agencies in your area. There are tons of talent agencies. A lot of times they want you to do the work in-house. But sometimes they’re willing to let you do it from your own studio.

So, for a commercial demo, if you don’t already have one, you need to go and find taglines from magazines or from commercials that you really like and create the demo around them. Listen to my commercial demo for that. It’s gotten me a fair amount of work. So, I consider it good. Then, you’ll want to find snippets no longer than a minute and a half and read aloud books, and put a few tracks down of various genres. If you have any other languages or accents, you can highlight them as well.

The most recent thing that a lot of people are doing is going through Amazon’s service. It’s called ACX. You can find them at http://ACX.com and that’s where authors go when they need a voiceover artist and that’s where voiceover artists go who want to be able to submit themselves for doing voiceovers. You can take a look at my page on there if you search for me. Under my name.

Also, http://Upwork.com is another place to upload your demos and set yourself up as a voice for hire.

If you want additional help on how to create your demo, the equipment I use, or how to set up a home studio, drop me a line. I will likely put this information up in future posts, but it might be a bit before I get to it.

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