8-20-16 Today’s Micro story

The alarm rang through the decks of the ship and broadcast out toward the other ships in the fleet.
“Retreat! I repeat Retreat,” N’ahara cried into the intercom. “Bring your ships around to the dark side of the moon. We can still win this!”
“Who is this?” The voice commanded in her earpiece.
“Ensign N’ahara of 45th regiment,” she saluted with all four of her arms.
“Well, there’s no more fleet, Ensign N’ahara of the 45th regimen. There’s just you and me.”

Prompt word: retreat

(I write these stories from a prompt word in one minute. They are designed to sharpen my storytelling skills and served as the basis for my, “Flash Your Fiction” workshop. This project will continue for a year. Enjoy!)

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