8-22-16 Micro Story, Prompt Word: upset

“What an upset! The National Basketball Championship is over. The Blue Devils have won! And the undefeated Jaguars have been handed their first loss of the year.” The color commentator collapsed against the back of his seat, wiped his sweating brow, and reached for his cell phone.
“Hey, Ron,” the cameraman walked over to him. “Are you okay?”
“I have two phone calls to make, and I don’t know which to make first.”
“Why not?”
“My daughter Angie plays for the Blue Devils!”
“Hey that’s great!”
“Yeah, but my daughter Taylor plays for the Jaguars.”

(I hope you enjoy this today’s story. It is part of a year-long writing project. I write a micro-story every day from a single prompt word. I wrote story in one minute. I can edit to my heart’s content, but the bare bones have to be there in a single minute. This story’s dialogue took a wee bit longer than the one minute of writing I usually allow myself for this project and that’s because I couldn’t come up with good team names.

See the 60-second project from 2010 and the stories it generated here.)

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