8-24-16 Micro-story (prompt word: culture)

“What does it say about our culture that we do this?” Jenna picked up her paint gun. She aimed at the passing motorcade and fired. Magenta splattered across the side windows of the limo.
“I guess it says we’re tried of the status quo and we want a change,” Cheryl blasted a jet of royal blue onto the next car.
“A change to what?” Jenna holstered the gun to her back. “To a more free society?”
“Or at least to a more colorful one,” Cheryl grinned.

I hope you enjoyed today’s micro-story. I write these from random prompt word and in one minute. I am allowed to edit afterward, but the bones of the story must be written in one minute. See the 2010 year-long 60-second stories.

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