9-2-16 Micro-story (prompt word: wolf)

The wolf sniffed at the front door. Its tawny eyes met Jason’s.
“Mom, can we keep him?” He knelt by the screen.
“Can we keep whom?” Wiping her hands on a dishtowel, Maura Anderson walked into the living room. The towel slipped from her fingers. She sniffed the air and lowered her head.
“So,” she whispered. “It’s time.” She opened the door. The wolf strode inside and curled up on the sofa.
“Time for what?” Jason breathed.
“Time for your introduction,” her voice had lowered to a growl. “Jason, this is your grandfather.”


(I hope you enjoyed this morning’s story. I write these micro-stories from a prompt word in one minute. I can edit as much as I want after the one minute, but the bones have to be there before the alarm rings. This one took a little longer than a minute to flesh out. At first, the wolf was a pup who needed help, but I soon realized he was the one with power in this tale.

I did this same, “micro-story a day” skill-building project in 2010. It revolutionized my writing and prompted the development of my “Flash Your Fiction” workshop for writers. To see the stories from that project, go here.”)

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