9-13-16 Flash Fiction (prompt words: piano, stun, witness)

Gwendolyn toddled to the piano. Giggling, she pulled herself onto the ornate wood stool.”Honey, wait,” I cried out as my daughter struggled with the key cover. I pulled it up for her.

“Thanks, Mama,” she placed her tiny fingers on the keys.

I leaned against the wall prepared to witness the first plinks a three-year-old could evince from my mother’s ancient instrument.

The lilting notes of a Chopin waltz stunned me. 

“What did I tell you?” Heinrich murmured from behind me. “She’s a natural!”
(Whew, I had fun with this one. It has the seeds of a whole new story about the darker fantasy elements of child prodigies. I ended up with three prompt words this morning because I am at the ocean and don’t have my computer so I had to use a different method of getting random words. The website spit these three out, and these generated this story.

The challenge today came from exactly how to show and not tell the action. Obviously, there is more to the tale but I think this starts and finishes as a fun scene.) 

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