9-14-16 Flash Fiction (prompt word: timing)

“If I can get the timing right, I’ll have it,” Terry adjusted one of the wires on the bomb.”The countdown is still on, yo,” the voice sounded metallic in her earpiece. “Kick it and then jet.”

“The way this is set up I have to time cutting the wire,” Terry explained into her comm while she continued to work. “If I snip the wire on an odd second, this thing blows. It isn’t like winding an alarm clock. Almost there.”

“What’s an alarm clock?”


(I hope you enjoyed today’s micro-story. This one became much more macabre than I intended. But since I only have a minute to write it, I had to go where it led me. Given a bit more time, I might have figured out a way for Terry to not set off the alarm, but my alarm sounded right when I typed “What’s an alarm clock?” And that’s what came to me.

I did this same project in 2010, and it revolutionized my writing. I’m doing it again to develop my skills and to add insight into my “Flash Your Fiction,” workshop. Cheers!)

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