9-16-16 Flash Fiction (prompt word: unanswered) [some violence trigger warnings]

Father O’Brian sat down beside Abigail in the pew.
Hands clasped, she prayed. At her soft, “Amen,” the candles soared high for an instant and then lowered..
“Abigail. Child,” he whispered. “You must stop.”
“Don’t you see, Father? I can’t stop,” she hissed and set the organ playing. “You’ve all forsaken my Sam. But I haven’t. There is still good in him. I know there is.”
“Abigail,” the priest recoiled. “You don’t mean that. He murdered sixteen children! There is no hope for him.”
“Father, you know I have a gift,” she clutched at him. “What I pray comes true, and I want my son back.” She lowered to her knees and continued.
O’Brian took a pistol from his robes. “I’m sorry, my child,” a lone shot rang out. Abigail collapsed. “Some prayers should remain unanswered.”

(Yikes! This one scared me. It took longer than a minute, I admit. I am not well-versed in writing horror, but this has the beginnings of some interesting stuff. The challenge was exactly who would be the focus of the story. I knew the priest would say the line, “Some prayers should remain unanswered,” immediately. What I didn’t know was how I was going to get there. Overall, I’m well-pleased.)

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