Flash Fiction Challenge (prompt word: salmon)

“Mama, I’m not sure white or salmon pink are the right colors for me,” Jolene studied herself in the dressing room mirror with a critical eye.
“Oh, Dear? What colors would you prefer to wear for your First Communion?” Mrs. Rutherford turned anxious eyes on her seven-year-old daughter.
“I want to wear black or scarlet. Bring me something.” Jolene instructed the saleswoman.
“Yes, Miss Jolene,” The saleswoman withdrew.
“But, darling. That’s just not done,” Mrs. Rutherford cried.
“If I’m wearing it, then it will be, won’t it?”
“I knew I shouldn’t have named you Jolene.” Mrs. Rutherford clucked. “Jolenes aren’t the white or salmon pink kind, are they?”
“No,” Jolene turned triumphant eyes back to the mirror. “We’re not.”

(I admit it. I love this one! It was inspired by Dolly Parton’s song, Jolene, which happened to be on Pandora when I started writing this one. The word, “salmon,” by itself could have been the fish, but this little tale would not be denied. So, here it is, for your enjoyment.

I’m doing this challenge every day for a year. I did it back in 2010, and it revolutionized my writing and helped me formulate my writing workshop, “Flash Your Fiction.” Keep checking back here for more tales, every day, until August 2017. And then, who knows? I might keep it going.)

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