9-20-16 Flash Fiction Challenge (prompt word: apron)

“Don’t you think it’s about time to cut the apron strings, Doreen. He can swim by himself.” Miles swam in a lazy circle around his wife and son.
“I know he can,” Doreen fussed. She ducked under and propped Mitchell up to be sure he could inhale a deep enough breath.
“Yes, Momma. I’ll be fine.” Mitchell wriggled away from his mother and breached with a loud whistle.
“See, I told you. Don’t be so overprotective.” Miles’ admonition ended in a gurgle as Doreen swam on top of him and dragged him under.
“That’s what you said about Sheila,” Doreen said at the bottom of the pond. “And she ran off with a Deep Sea Diving team, and now we never see her. Oh, and honey?” Doreen kicked up toward the surface to take another breath. “We’re dolphins. We don’t have aprons.”


(Ooh, this one was fun but confusing to write. I enjoyed the bait and switch, but it was hard to figure out how to write it. It took me a good five minutes to get it to where I both liked it and thought it made sense. I’m now officially in the second month of this challenge. Last time, it revolutionized how I write. I hope similar results occur this time.


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