9-26-16 Flash Fiction Challenge (prompt word: degree)

“To what degree are we talking here? Is Stevenson just a little guilty or a lot guilty?” Jonas collapsed at his desk at the law offices of Mackenzie and Jonas.
“You think too much,” Mackenzie pulled a cigar from his jacket pocket, propped his feet up, and prepped his smoke.
“But what if it was premeditated and not an accident at all? How often do knives fall off counters and imbed themselves up in people’s throats?”
“Listen, Murdock’s dead and that means women everywhere will sleep easier. I wouldn’t give a crap if that knife ‘flew into him’ sixteen times, from all directions. That pervert got what he deserved. Hell, I want to go give Stevenson a bottle of Scotch.”

(I think I would like Jonas and Mackenzie. I think they might end up being characters in one of my books. I feel like this is some sort of a screenplay. I can already envision the slightly ramshackle office. Jonas is younger and earnest. Mackenzie is older, wiser, and more grim.

The only challenge in writing this one was the exact nature of the crime. It got me a little confused, but I think I acquitted myself well. [see what I did there? 🙂  ] What do you think? Does the story make sense? Can you envision it as a movie?)

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