9-27-16 Flash Fiction Challenge (prompt word: onward)

The soldiers lay scattered in various forms of stupor on the stifling hot day. General Thomas of the Twelfth Brigade surveyed them and shook his head in disgust.
“Get up! Onward!! Move it, soldiers!” Thomas yelled at his troops. They remained motionless.
The door to the Mess Hall swung open.
“Tommy, lunchtime,” the General’s mother called. “And it’s too hot out there so bring the dogs in with you.”

(I’m enjoying writing these kinds of stories with kids using their imaginations. It reminds me a little of reading [and loving] when Calvin [Calvin and Hobbes] was Spaceman Spiff.

Again, I didn’t want the reveal to come too quickly. What did you think? Did I keep it hidden long enough or was it obvious from the get-go?

I hope you enjoyed it. See you tomorrow.)

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