10-5-16 Flash Fiction challenge (prompt words: private and share)

“Ok, here’s the next question in the quiz,” Alana flipped the page of her issue of Beautyé magazine.
“If you were going out to have ice cream with the hot dude who asked you out at work, what flavor would you get?”
“What a stupid question! How does that tell you who your perfect guy is going to be?” Tammy Jo closed the freezer door and opened her pack of Tutti Frutti ice cream.
“I guess it has something to do with the ice cream flavor you like tasting is supposed to be like the guy flavor you’ll like tasting.” Alana grinned.
“If I’m going to be tasting any guys’ flavors, that will be for private time. Anything else is http://www.overshare.tmi.”


(tee hee. This one made me giggle. I hope you enjoyed it.”

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