10-8-16 Flash Fiction Challenge (prompt words: race and electron)

“Woo HOO!” Gennara whooped as she careened around P57 and rounded the bend towards the next P.

“Captain Gennara,” the Comm’s voice sounded in her helmet. “This is neither a race nor a rodeo. Please refrain ‘Woo-Hooing’ during your research excursion. And besides, you’re hurting our ears.”

“Okay, Comm,” she lowered her voice. “But you really ought to see this. Everything looks much bigger up close and personal, you know?” Her small pod flew past the blues, indigos, and ultra violets of P58’s jagged peaks.

“Your on-board camera is providing adequate imagery,” the Comm replied. “After all, this mission is an exploratory one. What good would any of this be if we couldn’t capture the data?”

“True, but even you have to admit this is an unusual environment.”

“You are the first in it, but I would say the environment itself is rather ubiquitous, don’t you think?”

“Oops,” Gennara cried. “Here comes another E. Gotta jet.” She kicked the afterburners and avoided the oncoming electron.

(I like Gennara a bunch. She sounds like a hoot. The challenge in this one lay in figuring out how to combine the prompt words and also not to give away where Gennara was racing. 

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