10-10-16 Flash Fiction Challenge (prompt word: bathed)

The last light of the setting sun bathed Amanda in fire and ice. Her satin dressing gown shimmered and the diamond on her hand sent twinkling lights racing around the room.
“I just don’t understand, Tyler,” she reclined on the bed and gazed at him with lustrous brown eyes. “How could anyone expect you to resist? After all, you told them we were to be married.” She stretched creamy arms overhead and lifted a corner of her crimson lips in a lazy smile.
“I don’t know, Amanda May,” Tyler devoured her with glazed eyes. “Obviously, they’ve never seen you lying in sunlight.”

(Does this sound like a steamy novel that takes place is Savannah to you, as well? I had fun with writing this one. The hard part was not getting cliché with the descriptions. It’s too easy to drop into mushy, eye-rolling territory. I hope it wasn’t too much. Let me know if it was. :). )

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