10-12-16 Flash Fiction Challenge (prompt words: Venus and treat)

“Thank you for the treat, my darling,” Venus smiled her thanks at the beautiful young man who knelt before her. His bronze skin glinted in the sunlight of the Mediterranean summer.

He raised his chocolate brown eyes to the level of her dainty feet, lay prone on the warm stone, and kissed every toe.

“You are so very sweet, my darling,” she closed azure eyes framed by dark lashes and reclined to bask in the warmth of the day and his mouth on her skin.

“How else may I serve, my Goddess?” He murmured against the sensitive skin of her inner wrist.

“I want another treat,” she opened her perfect lips for another peeled grape, which he slipped into her mouth from his own.

(Whew. I didn’t expect this to slip into the romance/erotic realms. But then again, Venus is the Roman goddess of Love so, I guess anything is possible. 🙂

The hard part for me about writing romance is not dipping into schmaltzy territory. I hope this story stayed in the realm of possibility, especially since the goddess of Love is involved.”

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