10-22-16 Flash Fiction Challenge (prompt word: certified)

You jerk awake. Into darkness. The spasm explodes in you, and you retch onto the sticky floor.

“What the hell is going on?” You whisper it to yourself because you are alone.

The black is relieved by one square of gray light. You crawl on bleeding hands and knees to the tiny monitor on the far wall.

“Jeremiah Smith,” you read your name on the screen. “Certified: Unpatriotic.”

(Yikes! Is this what comes out of me when I sleep too little and spend too much time looking at political writing before I go to sleep?

And somehow the second person present has a voyeuristic patina to it, don’t you think?

Today’s prompt word could have gone numerous places. It grabbed my hand and took me to a scary 1984-esque land. I don’t know anything about Jeremiah, but I hazard a guess to say he is not a scary man. Rather, his society sounds horrific from just these few words. It could be the beginning of a second person present dystopic novella. I might just have to write it. Someday.)

2 responses to “10-22-16 Flash Fiction Challenge (prompt word: certified)”

  1. I actually didn’t realise at first where the flash fiction ended, and even read the line about the second person present as part of the story. I thought this was going to be some serious 4th wall breaking stuff! I still like the story as is, though.


    1. I’m glad you liked it. Thanks! The trick about these daily tales is that I have to write the bones of the story in a single minute from a prompt word. I can edit all I want afterward, but the skeleton has to be there. So, sometimes what comes out has the beginnings of bigger (perhaps boundary-pushing) tale, but I am not trying to create anything like that right now. I can see it happening after the challenge is over, though. Thanks for the thought. 🙂


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