Empress is About Bounty Today

The Empress from the Practical Tarot by IzoldaT

Today’s Practical Tarot card is the Empress. Think abundance, bounty, fertile creativity, and joy. You can choose your perspective towards those today.

Here’s an example from my own life. Rich and I are moving to a new neighborhood at the end of May. The day we’re supposed to move is either Memorial Day or the day after memorial day. If we can’t get into our new apartment until June 1, everything gets kerfuffled because will have nowhere to take our stuff for that weird 24-hour period.

So, I’m choosing to remain in that hopeful, abundant, bountiful place. We will move correctly and properly into our new place and will be easy, simple, and full of bounty and goodness. It will slide into us living in a lush, lovely, and fab new place where we can make our home for the next few years.

That’s how the Empress works. And that’s how storytelling in tarot works too. You intuit the story of your life and make it so.

It still boggles me that I created this deck. I have 35+ years professional reading experience, and over the years I’ve realized the tarot is the perfect storytelling tool. You have 78 possible stories. Each them is a universal life lesson. When you read the cards, you tell those stories. And I love hearing from people who’ve gotten their own copies who say they can see the stories in the deck as well.

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