Audiobook Demos

I love to narrate audiobooks.

OCLcoverI am a storyteller. When I record audiobooks, I get to tell someone else’s story.

Here are samples from several popular books. They offer a variety of reads, styles, voices, and characterizations. Please note that two of the samples, “Ocean City Lowdown” and “The Ghost Next Door: A Love Story” are from audiobooks that are completed projects and available at and You can also find my recording samples at This is the gateway to getting your book in at and

P is for Peril (Mystery/Thriller, English language, Adult Female, American General). Excerpt from a contemporary mystery. This is a first person/thought process.

Like Water for Chocolate Romance, English language, Adult Female, American General. Excerpt from a romantic work. Vocal style: sultry/dreamy.

The Artist’s Way Self-improvement, English language, Adult Female, American General. Excerpt from a self-help book on creative recovery. Vocal style: straightforward.

The Wind in the Willows Children’s book, English language, Adult, American General. Excerpt with vocal characterizations for each character. Vocal style: storyteller.

Ocean City Lowdown Mystery/Thriller, English language, Adult, American General (Maryland Eastern Shore, Baltimore). Several characters, male and female vocalized with accents.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone Fantasy, English language, Adult/Teen, British English. Several characters vocalized with accents.

The Ghost Next Door: A Love Story Romance, English Language, Adult, American General. Two characters, both female.

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