Editorial Services

I edit books, articles, websites, professional communication, and other written work. I love helping you make your story better. Please contact me to learn more.

If you want your written piece to sizzle and engage your readers, I’d be thrilled to work with you to edit your work.

Line Editing

My line editing services transform your book into its most effective form. I tighten up sentence structure to make sure the words and language are sharp and clear. I also evaluate and improve the logical flow and pacing of your piece to ensure that it will have maximum impact on your readers.

Copy Editing

I pore over your manuscript to fix typos and other mechanical mistakes before it goes to print.


Like the above, I will work through your entire work to ensure it is error-free. I adhere to the guidelines outlined in the Chicago Manual of Style.


If you have recorded an audiobook, I will listen to every word to ensure to identify every extraneous word, vocal tick, and long pause. This improves the quality of the audiobook for listeners. I can also compare the written and audio versions of the book to make sure it will adhere to WhisperSync technology protocols and standards.

Izolda guided me through the process of editing and formatting my first self-published book, Keeping Your Head Above Water. With her encouraging coaching style and expertise as an editor, the final version of my book was even better than I had envisioned! Izolda was able to quickly turn around the edits so that the book was released on schedule, and she always promptly responded to any communication. I highly recommend Izolda’s editing skills and will certainly utilize her services again in the future!

Sally Shaver DuBois

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