Writer, Storyteller 

Welcome! I am the author of six books, numerous short stories, and articles that have appeared in magazines and journals. I write urban fantasy, science fiction, paranormal romance, and mysteries.

My next book, tentatively titled, The Tarot Card Murders, is the first book in a new mystery series. It’s about a professional tarot card reader who works with the police to solve crimes in Washington DC with a little magic peppered in.

Learn more about my books.

I also facilitate workshops on teaching others to spark their own creativity. We can all use that creative spark for self-expression and our truth.

A Little About Me

I was born in the former Soviet Union, and my family immigrated to the USA. As soon as I learned English, I became a voracious reader. Writing came later to me, but I have always been a teacher and storyteller. My books blend my love of music, fantasy, and adventure with love, friendship, and universal mysteries.

Through my workshops, I help people, companies, and organizations build their own creative genius and innovation skills. My “Work in Harmony®” and “Tell Your Story Better” workshops have garnered rave reviews at conferences, company meetings, and other events.

See more about me.

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