What I’m doing now.

  • Editing video of my solo music shows (international holiday, Halloween, ancient music).
  • Trying to determine a socially responsibly index fund so I can plan better for retirement while still maintaining my environmental awareness.
  • Trying to finish up the paperwork so the environmental education work I do as the Earth Lady can become a vendor with my county. That way, schools in my county can schedule me to come do Earth science programs without having to hold a bake sale to pay for me. I have all the pieces. Now, I just have to put them all together and submit everything. Then, after a 6-8 week gestation period, I ought to have what I need to be available to all the schools in the county. If this works, I’ll try to do it for other counties and keep he earth education portion of my prime directive growing.
  • Focusing on the creative aspects of what I do. That can be tough because the business side beckons, but I am rubbish at it so keep vacillating between the two and hoping some business know-how seeps in.
  • Meditating on and remembering why I stopped working at the renaissance festival. I got an email from a client who said, “loved the reading. Thought it was too short. Can we come see you in private?” It feels good to get that validation, actually. I had been feeling that fifteen-minute slots were too short for what I do when I read for people and that was one of the big reasons why I left. I came back for one day this season to sub for someone and this email was one of the pieces of feedback. Now that’s what I call instant gratification. I had thought my decision was the right one. Good to get the support about it.
  • The one thing I haven’t been keeping up with is my writing. So much else has been clogging the pipes that I have left it alone far too long. I even missed three days of my flash fiction challenge project. So, today, now, I vow to jump-start it and keep going.
  • Last but not least, I’m practicing for an upcoming singing gig. It will be jazz, swing, and show tunes from the 30s, 40s, and 50s (my favorite music to sing). I *love* doing that sort of stuff, and it is for a gentleman’s 90th Birthday party. That will be a blast.
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