Present Out Loud

Build confidence and learn to captivate your audience as you communicate in interviews, meetings, and presentations.

Public speaking is an art and a science. With Present Out Loud (formerly Speak Your Words), participants learn both avenues to help them speak with comfort and conviction as they present in any arena.

Participants will find their best voices for communicating with their audiences. This skill set is of great benefit to students and others for interviews, conferences, group and association meetings, and other events.

In This Workshop You Will:

  • Develop your true voice
  • Present information that engages and excites your audience
  • Connect with your audience using modulation and vocal techniques
  • Apply proper breathing, projection, enunciation, inflection and emotion as you communicate
  • Develop the confidence crucial to bringing out a nuanced and authentic presentation

Izolda’s Speak your Words workshop got everyone out of their seats and moving. Her tips were both informative and entertaining. This workshop is a must. -Amy Kaplan, President of the Howard County chapter of the Maryland Writers’ Association

Izolda’s workshops are always fully engaging, and her “Present Out Loud” class not only had us marching, stretching, and limbering up our resonating chambers, it taught us an amazing array of full-body techniques to get the most out of our voices. Whether students are speaking or singing, Izolda explains the science and teaches the techniques to put that instrument to optimal use. -Jenny Yacovissi, President, Maryland Writers Association Annapolis Chapter


Target Audience: Who Will Benefit Most From These Exciting Workshops?

  • Corporate Conferences
  • Students
  • Group/Association Annual Meetings
  • Writers’ groups and conferences
  • You!

Audio Files for Warming Up and Building Vocal Facility – Follow these instructions to warm-up and prepare for any speaking engagement.

Stretching (Stretch your body and prepare for the deep breathing warm-up)
Breathing (Deepen your breathing and relax your body and mind)
Voiced/Non-voiced Consonants (Warm-up the speaking apparatus)

Minimal Animal (Tongue Twister)
Red Leather, Yellow Leather (Tongue Twister)
Unique New York (Tongue Twister)

Kinky Cookie (Tongue Twister)
Rubber Baby Buggy Bumper (Tongue Twister)
Sheena Leads, Sheila Needs (Tongue Twister)

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