Story-a-day, 9-10-16 (prompt word: escape)

“What was that song from the 70s?” Pamela took a long sip of her frozen drink. “It was something about piña coladas and yoga.”

“Honey,” Josh smiled at his wife. “I wasn’t alive in the 70s, and neither were you. Now, come over here and give me a kiss.”
“Hold on a minute,” she leaned the balcony of their hotel room. “It was something about a guy who answered a personal ad because he was tired of dating his girlfriend, but then when he went to meet up with the woman who placed the ad, it was actually his girlfriend.”
“Oh yeah,” he laughed. “I remember that really what happened was she caught him trying to cheat, so even though he was trying to escape his boring life he was screwed.
“Yeah, but she tried to escape him first.”

(I write these micro-stories from a prompt word in one minute. I can edit as much as I want after the one minute, but the bones have to be there before the alarm rings.

The challenge behind today’s story was exhaustion. Some writers work great with very little sleep. If I don’t get five hours, I get super sluggish. Last night, was less than three. Yikes! 🙂

I did this same, “micro-story a day” skill-building project in 2010. It revolutionized my writing and prompted the development of my “Flash Your Fiction” workshop for writers. To see the stories from that project, go here.”)

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